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We focus our services, so you get the best advice and value

Immigration law is complicated - we can all agree on that. Your application is your future and that matters to us. You deserve a team that ensures it has expert knowledge in their field.

We choose to focus on the following areas of Canadian immigration so we can specialize our services and offer you great value. Our aim is to offer exceptional service at great value.

Express Entry offers three main pathways to immigrate to Canada as a Permanent Resident. It works as a points based system with draws taking place to invite the applicants with the most points.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is extremely popular with graduates (former students) who may have accumulated skilled work experience during their PGWP (Post Graduation Work Permit).

express entry

CEC (Canadian Experience Class)

FSW (Federal Skilled Worker)

FST (Federal Skilled Trades)

Prices starting from $1800 CAD.


Apply for a study permit (and visa)

Extend your current permit

Co-op work permits and more...

Prices starting from $400 CAD.

Canada is a leading destination for students and offers world-class education at both university and college level.

We can assist with applying for a study permit, questions about your dependents (family) and their eligibility to work/study etc.

Need to extend your study permit? We can help there too.

The OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) can offer eligibility where federal program do not, or provide PR pathways with less competition that Express Entry.

We can assist with any OINP pathways including the Masters/PHD graduate stream, the int. student job offer stream and others.


Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program


Prices starting from $1800 CAD.


Post-graduation work permit

Prices starting from $400 CAD.

The reward for all your hard work and choosing Canada as your destination for post-secondary studies.

We can guide with eligibility, required documents and work permission at time of/after applying PGWP.


Study permit expired? We can help restore status and apply fro PGWP.

Recently married and want to sponsor your spouse (and their dependents)?

In a Common-Law relationship and want to sponsor your partner?


We can assist with family class sponsorship for applicants inside and outside of Canada.

family class

Spousal sponsorship

Parent/grandparent sponsorship

and more...

Prices starting from $1800 CAD.


TRVs (visa)

super visa

restoration of status

Prices starting from $450 CAD.

Visiting Niagara Falls or the Rocky mountains? Maybe you are in Canada and wish to invite your family to visit? We can assist with TRVs, eTAs and super visas.

We can also advise on visitor status for people inside Canada, such as dependents of students and on any restoration requirements/eligibility.

- Review from Google reviews
Paul did an excellent job advising us and a very thorough job preparing our documentation. He was very responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend his services if you have any immigration concerns.”  
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